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Transform & elevate your life by empowering yourself

Hi, I’m Jacks Maliyakal —  a Creative Empowerment Specialist, fueling personal evolution and empowerment. Whether through tailored self-growth techniques or crafting impactful personal brands, I guide you towards your best self, ready to inspire and transform lives!

Coach, Healer, Designer & Branding expert

About Me

My purpose is rooted in empowerment. I’m determined to elevate both individuals and businesses, fostering resilience, confidence, and overall well-being.  I’m driven to light the path toward a more harmonious and prosperous future

My journey has been an exciting fusion of these diverse roles, all driven by a common goal: empowering individuals and businesses to thrive.

Starting my career as a Graphic Designer and Branding Expert, I honed my skills in crafting compelling visual identities that capture attention. But as my interests evolved, so did my path. I found myself drawn to meditation and energy healing, and this fascination led me to explore the world of holistic wellness and mental health.


 As a Branding expert and Coach, I specialize in guiding holistic wellness experts and entrepreneurs. My mission is crystal clear — to help them achieve recognition, create strong reputations, foster growth, and ultimately succeed through strategic branding and effective marketing. My deep understanding of how identity shapes perception enables me to assist clients in standing out in competitive markets.

 As a Mind Fitness Coach and Healer, I’m dedicated to supporting individuals who grapple with excessive stress and day-to-day mental health challenges. Through empathetic guidance and transformative healing techniques, I provide practical strategies for navigating the complexities of the mind.

What I Do

I work with people to understand, where they are and where they want to go.  And coach them to transform and achieve their goal with the support of different proven self development practices. 

Change your thoughts to change your life
Change your energy to change your thoughts

What people say

It changed the way of thinking and my action in my life. It really gave me deep understanding about many things which we come across daily. Its about knowing our self from deep within and awareness about ourselves . I really want to thanks Jacks from my heart to give me new vision.
Ronak Sharma
Bangalore, India
Jacks is an amazing coach & healer, he has been helping me with the prana and his advises when I needed . He also help me to go further on my interest for healing with prana. I definitly recommend him !
Raffa Lala
Every step through this journey I am on amazes me. I am being helped through every aspect of my life and it's beyond something I have ever experienced before. I used to think there was no way I could ever get or feel better, but I was definitely wrong.
Ontario, Canada
I needed healing and Jacks was the one who opened a safe space for me to heal my pain and suffering from my past. He explained in detail what was out of balance and cleaned my chakras. My experience was intense and I felt very nauseous in the process but this is normal as the work is very powerful. Jacks has made a huge impact in my life and he is the only healer I trust.
Airlie Beach, Australia
Knowing energy was new to me. Never thought this is going to make a big difference in my life. But now that I look back, my life has changed. I have learnt to keep my vibrations and energy on a higher level. So I feel a complete inner strength and happiness.
Goa, India
Jack gave me healing and guidance a few times in the past year. I perceive him as a very genuine, sincere and humble person, with lots of experience in the practice of pranic healing. I really enjoyed the lightness with which he operates, as also the simplicity but nonetheless effectiveness of this healing technique. He got me very interested in it, so much that I decided to start learning the practice myself. Would definitely recommend Jacks, try it out and you will see.
Eva Ste
I was depressed in one area of my life, I meet Jackz. I needed this sessions I submit myself for this and I have undergo several sessions from him and everytime I had this sessions I feel much better everyday and He give me more instruction and courage what to do. I feel I am released and healed spiritually, emotionally and have the balanced now with my Aura and Chakra. Jackz is a good healer on this and I recommend him if you need this kind of healing process beside He is a good man and kind man to deal with
Guirly Guillermo
Dubai, UAE
After healings with Jacks, my mind is less clouded and feels fresh. Got more grounded. Feels calm and serene inside me.
Geneva, Switzerland
I'm going to be real! This is amazing and the person behind it has a beautiful soul! I highly recommend a session to anyone curious about this!
Cassidy Soltys
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA