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    Hi I am Jacks Maliyakal a Mind Fitness Coach and Healer. I help people to transform their life by cultivating a healthy & elegant mind.


    I am on a mission to help 100,000 people to elevate their life by cultivating an elegant & healthy mind. When you have a clear, focused, sharp and smart mind your performance level multiplies, you are at your best, you grow in your career, and you can achieve your dreams and goals with minimal effort.

    What my Clients say

    Here is what my clients say about their experience and transformation they had working  with me.


    Ronak Sharma

    Bangalore, India

    It changed the way of thinking and my action in my life. It really gave me deep understanding about many things which we come across daily. Its about knowing our self from deep within and awareness about ourselves . I really want to thanks Jacks from my heart to give me new vision.


    Hannah Wilkinson

    Airlie Beach, Australia

    I needed healing and Jacks was the one who opened a safe space for me to heal my pain and suffering from my past. He explained in detail what was out of balance and cleaned my chakras. My experience was intense and I felt very nauseous in the process but this is normal as the work is very powerful. Jacks has made a huge impact in my life and he is the only healer I trust.


    Guirly Guillermo


    I was depressed in one area of my life, I meet Jacks. I submit myself for this and I have undergo several sessions from him and every time I had this sessions I feel much better everyday and He give me more instruction and courage what to do. I feel I am released and healed spiritually, emotionally and  balanced .


    Gireesh Kumar

    Goa. India

    Knowing energy was new to me. Never thought this is going to make a big difference in my life. But now that I look back, my life has changed. I have learnt to keep my vibrations and energy on a higher level. So I feel a complete inner strength and happiness.

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    Rafa Lala


    Jacks is an amazing coach & healer, he has been helping me with the prana and his advises when I needed . He also help me to go further on my interest for healing with prana. I definitly recommend him !



    Geneva, Switzerland

    After healings with Jacks, my mind is less clouded and feels fresh. Got more grounded. Feels calm and serene inside me.

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