My Journey

About Me

When you have a clear, focused, sharp and smart mind your performance level multiplies, you are at your best, you grow in your career & business,  also you can achieve your dreams and goals with minimal effort.

I am the founder of Mind Elegant Tribe, I am on a mission to help & transform 100,000 people to elevate their life by cultivating an elegant & healthy mind.

A creative designer turned Mind Fitness Coach and Healer.  Love to be in nature, travel and experience different culture. Married to a wonderful soul & loving wife.

Personal transformation journey.

It started with my own personal transformation  journey 20 years back.

My first few years of career I used to be in corporate jobs with top IT companies in Bangalore.

 Like most of the IT professionals, I lived a unhealthy lifestyle at my early young age, drinking, smoking, having food at odd times, late night sleeping, eating unhealthy foods, no exercise etc

It was in the starting of year 2000 I realized I am heading in a wrong direction when it started affecting my emotional and mental wellbeing.

Soon I realized I need to transform my life.

It was my first  Vipassana Meditation, which gave me a new direction and perception. This ignited within me a self-search and a new quest within or search for unknown realms of higher truths.

Through meditation and mindfulness practice I was able to come out of the issues what I was going through  and transform my life 360 Degree.

New perception & direction in life.

Now as I conquered this battle I wanted to help others who are going through similar issues. I started helping and guiding few people who connected me . Only coaching and meditation was incomplete. Later started exploring more deeper spiritual understandings and studied the energy healing sciences.

I found pranic healing and pranic psychotherpy to be very effective with emotional and mental issues.  I was able to connect with Grand Master Chao Kok’ Sui’s teachings easily.

Today after 20 years I live a happy, healthy life and helping others to transform and elevate their life.

I deepened my learning in Life Energy & Energy Healing. I Started practicing healing and helping others through coaching, healing, mindfulness & meditation since 2009.

I guide and help people who look forward to a transformation or shift in their life. Have helped people from different walks of life with different issues emotional, psychological, relationship and self development.

10+ years of my soul search, meditation practices, healing experience  and interests in ecological living helped me to join with CGH Earth, one of the top eco conscious Luxury wellness hospitality group in India. Vanavasa is a meditation and rewilding retreat in the forest of  western-ghats, Karnataka by CGH Earth Group. I was heading this project and worked as a friend, philosopher and guide for the guests. Travelers from across the world, NewYork, London, Zurich, Germany, Italy etc. used to visit vanavasa for long stays, to emerge in nature, solitude and rewild themselves.

Now I am based in Gurgaon, Haryana.