Reduce uncontrolled anger

You are in danger of being mentally and physically ill if you show uncontrolled anger. We’ve all experienced anger. It’s normal and healthy to get angry from time to time for various reasons. However, sometimes people experience uncontrollable anger, especially when the provocation is minor. In this case, anger is not a normal emotion, but rather a major problem.

If you do not control your anger, you may one day end up doing something extreme and regrettable. Violent behavior is one possible outcome. As a result of your anger, you might end up hurting yourself or someone you care about without intending to.

As part of my coaching and healing practice, we work on reducing and healing the anger that has been suppressed for years. In addition, developing your peaceful, calm, and happy energies enables you to respond to situations in a healthy manner.

Coaching & Healing - 2 weeks

Set of 7 Sessions

  • 1 to 1 Session
  • 45-min to 1-hour sessions
  • 5 Healing Sessions
  • 2 Coaching sessions
  • 10 to 15 days period

Price: ₹7999 ₹4999