Manage Overthinking

Over thinking is also called as monkey mind, jumping from one thought to another the thoughts go in a loop. This happens because of the disturbances in your energy field and certain overactive energy centers. With healing the entire energy field is thoroughly cleansed and filled with fresh positive vibes. And the malfunctioning energy centers are balanced and healed. Which results in calming the mind, gives clarity of mind, positivity and fresh perspective. Along with healing will give coaching session to reduce this over thinking patterns. And cultivate a peaceful and calm mind.

Coaching & Healing - 2 weeks

Set of 7 Sessions

  • 1 to 1 Session
  • 45-min to 1-hour sessions
  • 5 Healing Sessions
  • 2 Coaching sessions
  • 10 to 15 days period

Price: ₹7999 ₹4999 

Manage Overthinking

Stop overthinking!
Often when you are struggling with your own thoughts others tell you this. They dont know the struggle you are going through. If it was so easy to stop, you might have done it by yourself. So stoping is not the right aproach when you are bombarded with thoughts.
Controling is also not the right thing! Thoughts flow by itself. If you try to control or stop something it creates pressure and there are chances it will multiply or the flow might increase.
Managing thoughts would be the right approach to go with and gradualy as its managable you can control.

So here are few practices for a quick help
I am sharing 5 very effective and proven techniques which can help you in managing over thinking

1. Breathing
2. Meditation
3. Mindfulness
4. Be occupied
5. Aura Cleansing

As you know prevention is better than cure.

And Finaly overthinking is not bad if its quality thoughts or postive thoughts and more focused thoughts. Overthink gets bad and worst when its too many confusing ideas, negative thoughts, fear, worry etc. Or unnecessary building up things in mind which is not real.

We all know how to keep our body clean and fresh, but most of us dont know how to keep our mind and thoughts clean and fresh. We have been trained from childhood to keep our body clean and fresh. Nobody has thought us to keep our mind clean.
Can you think of any practices you have been taught to clean your mind, emotions and thought?

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